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    Season 2,
    December 14, 2017
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    The end of another football podcast season and chapter. Facing the conclusion of something fond and enjoyable is always tough. We never want the good times to end. But, when one thing ends it can often make way for something greater. As the second season of Ozkoç and King comes to a close, both Oz and Kerry are excited to bring a fitting finale tying together to the whole season.  They are also ready for the excitement that Season 3 will bring of their football podcast. “We've got a lot planned for the next football podcast season,” said Oz, “and I think the past year has prepared us for it. The podcast will reach another level, just as Season 2 was a step up from Season 1.” But the end of the second season was all about fun. There were big games to cover and memories to reminisce over. Happy and sad to come to an end but we are really looking forward to Season 3.

Kenyan Football Unveiled

We are excited to take on a project that has never been done before: To explore the creativity of taking a podcast that started in a bedroom to make a multifaceted soccer documentary.

We will travel to Kenya and discover its football story from those who know best: Kenyan footballers. We will bring listeners along on the journey; you will experience, learn and grow with the people we meet and the stories we hear. With this project, our goal is to innovate, create and live on podcasting. We put in an intense effort, time and heart into our podcast, but like any up and coming artists, we need help, contribution, and patience. We believe in our ability to inspire and affect people’s lives. We believe the spirit of football is pure goodness.

We believe fans are the heart of the game. We are thankful for your support and encouragement; we are glad that you believe in us. At the end of the day, we all seek to do what we love. We are close to getting to that but without your support Project, Kenya will just be a dream and a story that was never told.

Our Kickstarter campaign ends December 31st and we really hope with your support we can make this project come alive. No one has really attempted anything like this and we want to make this journey together with you. Please pledge if you can and want, anything is something.

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