A team is a collaboration of common minded players with a different skill set trying together to achieve a goal and that is to win. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Haha I never heard one player screaming YEEEES after a loss. That would almost be like Luis Figo celebrating a win for Barcelona while he was playing for Real Madrid, I know unimaginable to see Figo screaming YEEEES with a Real Madrid Jersey when they just lost. So we win together and we lose together when we are pursuing this common goal to win. If we lose we go back to the practice trying to get better, progress, work harder, dedicate more time, fight, struggle, sweat, run and really try to understand the core. The core is how we together can collaborate for a common goal can by communicating, understanding and learning more about each other be on the path to get to the end goal and the end goal is love. The price is love if you win. Winning gives you love. Who wants or needs that, you, you, you, you, YOU! This is why we are here, we are on your team. We are in this together. We play on the same team. With happiness, we can say that the first Season of Ozkoc and King Soccer Podcast is over, Season Finale is out. Thanks for the Support. Welcome to the movement. ⚽️🏆🏅🎼🎆🎇🎈❤️ #soccer#football #futbolpodcast #fotboll #futbol#fotbollspodcast #soccerball #soccerlife#soccergame #soccerfan #soccerlifestyle#fotbollsträning #usa #atlanta #sweden#Orebro #turkey #istanbul #newyork#newyorkcity #brooklyn #brooklynbridge#soccerworld #theozkocmovement

It is a cloudy day in South Beach Miami. The water is warm and the sun’s invisible ray smoothly goes through the clouds onto your skin without you even noticing it. And then something you clearly can see in the sky, what is it? A plan with a message. What is the message? This was like if the clouds opened up and the powerful sunshine hit my face and of that joy, I ran into the water like a child. A plane flew by with the message THE CHAMPION BESIKTAS JK ⭐️⭐️⭐️ @vooya @oktem1. This is class, a class act from a fan, real fan, passionate fan, caring fan, loving fan and a true fan. We have been speaking about BESIKTAS JK a lot in @ozkocandking soccer podcast show, how amazing their fans are and how great of atmosphere they create during their games. I was at the beach and thinking to myself, it is not that much of soccer around here at the south beach and then this pops up in front of me, up in the sky like if God was sending me a message. Here, I show you an act from a soccer fan so you can share it with the world through your podcast which is by fans to fans. I love this, well done, clever however I’m not sure why this was executed, however, I really would like to know. Was it for fun? I way to show the love? Promote BJK? Either way, it brought a great smile to my face and love for my Turkish heart. Turkish football fan culture is different, very different. Look, see it for yourself. #southbeach #miami #usa #bjk #besiktas#besiktasjk #inönü #turkiye #istanbul#futbol #fan #soccerfan #besiktastaraftari#podcast #soccerpodcast#fotbollspodcast #besiktaschampion#championbesiktas #futbolpodcast


The anticipation is big, people discuss, the best player, the worst player, who should we keep and who should we let go. Everybody agrees, it has been a disappointing season but the enthusiasm is showing as fans are chanting, singing and screaming before the game. What will a title mean, will Wenger stay or go? Fans are discussing about the opponent team, form and formation. Will their star player step up, execute a great game and if they do will we be able to stand against them. What do we need to do, as supporters we need to support. We need to show our hope through enthusiasm and send that energy to the players. We need to rise up, we need to be strong and we need to win. With a win, all the low points this season will not be forgotten but this point in the now will be celebrated. This celebration is something we deserve and this celebration indeed was sweet and glorious. All of this was captured in our very special podcast episode. Live report from New York City, from the NYC Arsenals Supporters group at @ohanlonsbarnyc with @kurtispowers. We are loyal, we are true supporters and we love it 😍 #soccer#podcast #soccerpodcast #soccernews#soccerball #soccergame #fafinal #facup#facupfinal #soccerlife #soccerfan#soccerfans #fotboll #fotbollspodcast#newyork #newyorkcity #nyc #nycsoccer

This one goes out to all the fans that are too harsh to judge or criticize players. Yes, we can be very hard but maybe we should have a second or a third look at the replay.

It’s not that easy when you look closer, is it? What is not easy at all, is to be so close to your dream, moment and opportunity but not take it, that can be very hard on a young player. Who am I talking about??? So close to his dream and an amazing story it would be but now he has to watch it on tv. Yes, that is harsh, but what is the mindset decision he takes to move on from something like this? That is the real soccer question. To be or not to be. I know, I can!
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Hard work pays off, by practicing you get better, by trying you get more experience and by not giving up you reach your goals. We will stay true to the concept. A soccer podcast by fans to fans, it’s going to be real and authentic, not only about stats and critic, we are telling stories, soccer stories. Someone asked me why our podcast is one of the best up and coming soccer podcast and I said “because we cover different soccer perspectives and life in a narrative form” all of our episodes have an effect and our listeners get a chance to connect and feel! We make an entertaining soccer podcast show and that is why we are on the front page of iTunes. Right under ESPN FC. If you have not listened yet, maybe you can do it whenever you feel like you have time. A new episode will be released today and this one is educational. If you are new to soccer or is a young soccer player we want to teach you soccer history. This episode takes you back, really back in the history of Soccer which is fascinating, do you what the White Horse Final is from 1923???😳Search for Ozkoc and King Soccer Podcast Show https://itunes.apple.com/se/podcast/ozkoc-and-king-soccer-podcast-show/id1204434117?mt=2

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Yes! They have arrived. A knock on the door and a package outside. 3 days wait and now they are finally here. My new cleats. It felt like 3 long days but for a long time of magic on the soccer field, 3 days is nothing. Doing the research, comparing brands, looking at different models and finally make a decision to purchase new soccer cleats brought me to my younger days. Days of going to the store, straight to the soccer area and just hoping to get the best cleats to be the best. Some say cleats doesn’t matter but it does, some say balls don’t matter but it does, some even say weather don’t matter but it does, it’s all about the details and feeling. I honored my mom because ANNEM means “My Mom” in Turkish so every time I tie my new cleats I say for you mom and thank you for everything. This detail gives me already a good feeling and excitement. My new cleats have arrived after 3 days and now I can’t even wait 1 minute to play the sport I love soccer. How funny is that??? #soccercleats #soccer#fotboll #podcast #podcasts #pod#podcasters #podcastlife #soccerpodcast#cleats #podd #soccerlifestyle#fotbollspodcast #fotbollsskor



When that ball came in we all stood still and when that ball was in the net we all stood up screaming. We experienced something new but we also knew that this was something more. First game ever for Atlanta United in the MLS, first professional soccer live game in Atlanta and the first goal ever in our history. The anticipation and excitement have been growing for so long, among fans and the entire soccer community and here we were together, united and ready to conquer. You, the fans, your support gave us the dream, the dream to play and put Atlanta on the map. Here we are now, the dream became our reality and together we will have many more dreams and moments where we will be jumping and screaming because Atlanta United is finally here.

It hit my heart when I saw you on the ground when you felt the pain I was in pain. We are many that have followed you since the beginning. When people said you not the greatest you still showed them that you are, when people doubted in you, you proved them wrong, when they asked for more you gave them more than they could imagine. Still, people talk, but we know that is not how we work or live. When no one believes in you, you have to believe in yourself, that is what you said. We have years of memories together but we have not met yet, one day we will. The strength of a lion lies in his presence, that presence does not go away. With open arms, we will wait for the return of the greatest and then we will smile again and say – do you know Zlatan now? When you are back it will hit my heart, but this time with pure joy, to see you play, to score and to win you will once again inspire the soccer scene. Until then I want you to know, you will do this because every time I’m in doubt I ask myself WWZD? What would Zlatan do, he would come back stronger than ever as a true champion and lion he is.@iamzlatanibrahimovic #zlatan#ibrahimovic #lion #soccer #fotboll#champion #manchesterunited#fotbollspodcast #soccerpodcast 

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