Welcome to OzKoc & King Soccer Podcast Show

We invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy listening to soccer news and updates with your newest soccer friends, Ozer Kocdemir and Kerry Michael King. As huge soccer fans ourselves, we bring you a unique cultural soccer exchange, with stories you’ll want to hear that bring together our united love for soccer.

Together, we take you on a soccer experience like no other! Are you ready?

Ozer Kocdemir

Soccer coach/ Digital Marketer

Ozer Kocdemir is a Swedish-Turkish podcast artist and producer. He was born and raised in Orebro, Sweden and his parents are from the soccer-fanatic country of Turkey, which he visited every summer. Having traveled the world, he takes you to different cities and games, revisiting the memories and soccer trips and giving special insight to how it really is to play, live and breathe soccer.

Kerry King

Soccer Player / Soccer Journalist

Kerry King is from Atlanta, Georgia in the heart of southeast US. Kerry’s passion for soccer is evident in his detailed knowledge of soccer history and trends. He specializes in post-game commentating and analysis.

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